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William Tersteeg, ceramic sculptor, lives in North Abington Twp. Pennsylvania. He has been creating sculpture in clay for the past 40 yrs. His work is both wheel thrown and hand built. The pieces reflect enviornmental themes of Northeastern PA. He uses the raku firing method after hand glazing the designed surface of the sculpture.



Every sculpture I create represents a collective moment in my time.

Each of my works relates to and reflects a visual, intellectual, and emotional statement about my world.

The works are documentaries and historical recordings of points in my visual and reflective history. They deal with the geometry of time and space and take delight at the way the line moves on a three-dimensional surface. This linier movement on each work reveals both the nature of line, and the nature of surface for each form the line moves across. I enjoy the manner in which light reflects off the colored glazed surface and I am intrigued when I let the light pass through the volume of a three dimensional works space, documenting both the positive and negative of the surface simultaneously. In some works I open the interiors in different ways that feel comfortable and allow the viewers visual movement through each works space. The works surface is a three-dimensional canvas that captures color, texture and light as a visual reflection of elements that I see in my world. I create more than ceramic vessels; my works are narratives existing as both painting, sculpture. 

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